Coffee Drinks

We proudly serve K & F coffee, local Portland Roaster since 1983,
winner of many local and national awards

Organic Coffee

We usually offer Peru French, aromatic & flavorful and Jondo, a medium roast winner of Oregon Cup, as well as a decaffeinated version

Caffè Latte

Espresso & lots of steamed milk

Caffè Mocha

Espresso, Ghirardelli chocolate & steamed milk, topped with whipped cream

Mexican Mocha

Our Caffè Mocha with a touch of cardamon, vanilla & cinnamon

Caramel Machiatto

Espresso combined with vanilla & caramel flavored steamed milk topped with whipped cream


Oregon Chai & steamed milk

Café au Lait

Our regular coffee with lots of steamed milk

Caffè Breve

Richer version of a Caffè Latte where cream is used instead of milk

Hot Chocolate

Rich and onctuous Ghirardelli chocolate, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream


Large choice of flavors to accompany steamed milk


Iced Coffee Drinks

All of our coffee drinks come in an iced version


Substitute Milks

We offer Soy & Almond milk as a substitute for milk if you prefer



Mighty Blue

Kale, blueberries, banana, almond milk, ginger & honey


P.B. & K

Kale, spinach, peanut butter, almond milk & banana


Oatmeal Bliss



Cappucine Frappés


Torani Smoothies

Torani flavored fruit purée blended with ice

Other Cold Drinks

Fresh Orange Juice & Lemonade

Fresh Orange juice all year long and Lemonade during the summer

Italian Soda

Sparkling drink with many flavors to chose from with the option of adding cream and whipped cream


Bottled Drinks

We offer a variety of bottled drinks from Izze, San Pelegrino, Kombucha, Red Bull and many others


Fontain Drinks

Our Fontain offers 8 different Pepsi drinks including non carbonated flavors


Beer & Wine


We offer beers on tap as well as bottled beers with a focus on local breweries


Our bottles have a selection of Northwest wines as well as California and International

We also offer house wines by the glass

Hard Ciders

We usually offer a couple of hard ciders in bottles or cans


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